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Oral CPGE 2022: List of subjects MP, PC, PSI, ENS, X, Centrale, Mines, CCINP

The CPGE 2022 orals have now begun! Discover the subjects that Progresser-en-maths has already received on these first days! Especially on the MP and PC sectors for the moment, we have exercises on just about all the competitions: X, ENS, Centrale-Supélec, Mines-Ponts, CCINP.

Lots of topics on polynomials, series and probability! Many are classic but they will give you ideas to move forward on these subjects! Do not hesitate to comment to ask for help on subjects that seem complex to you!

Do you want to propose the topics you have had? It would help us a lot and the students who haven't had an oral yet! So contact us!


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