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Mathematics: Mid-CP assessments on the rise in 2022

More than 790 students took mid-grade assessments in March. What are the results in mathematics?

What are the results ?

Compared to 2021, the 2022 results would be better than in 2021 according to several points:

  • 84,7% of children pass the number comparison test
  • 84% satisfactorily write whole numbers
  • 73% master the additions
  • 72,6% master subtractions compared to 69% in 2021
  • Only 60,1% manage to solve problems, almost the same result as in 2021.

Only the writing of whole numbers is down (83,8% this year compared to 89,1% in 2021)

If we look at the French side, it's the same, the results are up. So finally 3 criteria up, 1 stable and 1 down.

Misleading results?

Beware of these results. Mid-CP assessments usually take place in January. Canceled due to the health crisis and the rebound of the epidemic at this time, they were carried out in March. The students therefore had 2 months to progress, logically boosting the results. Some teachers therefore say that these results are "distorted" and would have preferred a blank year.

According to Catherine Rolland, unionized teacher at SGEN in a school in the Nantes conurbation. However, most students have a click after Christmas, without moreover that we always know why. There is like a snowball effect in the classes, with students still hesitant on Friday who can read the following Monday! ». In his class, 18 out of 23 students can now read. They were much fewer in January. Same observation with Guislaine David, from SNUipp-FSU: “The principle of these assessments is that everyone takes them at the same time. There, the results will not make it possible to have a photograph of the state of knowledge at a time T”.

Even the ministry points it out in its report “ due to the staggering of the events, the figures cannot be compared from one year to another“. The ministry also notes that the gaps between children enrolled in priority education and those educated in the public outside priority education “are decreasing significantly”. A good point if it's not dumbing down.

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