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Maths patent 2022: The subjects are out

On June 30, 2022 between 14:30 p.m. and 16 p.m., the students worked on the famous math patent! More than 770 candidates applied for the general series. This test counts for 000 points. We offer you a PDF of the subject that we have recovered on progress-in-maths! Of course, as usual, the calculator (in exam mode) is allowed

Summary of exercises

Each exercise is out of 20 points and therefore counts for one-fifth of the mark.

Here is a summary of the exercises:

  • The first exercise focuses mainly on Thales' theorem. It talks about trees and rivers.
  • The second exercise is a MCQ with questions of vocabulary, functions (image and antecedents in particular), statistics (with the median) and a little geometry.
  • We can reduce the third exercise to arithmetic, with in particular the decomposition into prime numbers. We're talking about Pokemon!
  • The fourth exercise talks about area and requires a bit of programming, in Scratch
  • The fifth and final exercise focuses on a water leak problem and allows the evaluation of daily water loss values. We are also interested in calculations of percentage.

What do you think of this subject? Nothing insurmountable of course, but it seems a little more difficult than in previous years.

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