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Grand oral in mathematics: 7 topic ideas

As the big oral is approaching, if you still haven't found a subject, here are 7 ideas that could help you!

Richter scale

This is a good example of a great oral subject. The Richter scale being a logarithmic scale, you therefore have a concrete example of this function on a plate! So you can show how the logarithm is used in everyday life through this very concrete example! The subject is the decibels also appeals to the logarithm


Overbooking on planes, how does it work? This subject of great oral, appeals to probabilities, in particular the binomial law and requires significant modeling effort. This is a good example of a subject for someone who would like to push the calculations a lot during their presentation on the day of the big oral.

Sports betting odds

How does sports betting work? This is a question you might want to answer for your big oral! This subject uses probabilities and is quite affordable for D-Day!

How to win at Monopoly

It is an original subject calling on probabilities and allowing you to use mathematics well in a concrete case: board games. Several levels of modeling are possible: should the prison cell be taken into account, for example? How to model the discrepancies created by chance and community chest cards?

The birthday paradox

You put 30 people in one room. What is the probability that at least 2 people were born on the same day? Less than 50% Well no, the answer is slightly more than 70% (about 70,63%). The paradoxes are generally good subjects for great orals!

date the death

Ok, it's a bit creepy subject but it has the good taste to be a subject of great original oral and to have a mathematical interest. From the temperature of a corpse, how to date the death of a person? It mainly relies on the exponential function and shows how it can be used in a very practical case.

soap bubbles

This article is on the border is physics and mathematics. How does geometry linked to the laws of physics make it possible to affirm that soap bubbles are necessarily spherical?

Other topic ideas

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