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Logic tests

Logic test #20

Discover the logic test 20. A story of gold miner and theft. How to find the thief?

Logic test #19

Logic test 19: Come and discover the potato paradox and propose your solutions to this problem

Logic test #18

Logic test 18: We talk about gates and counts. Come and discover this enigma and propose your solutions!

Logic test #17

The story of a man through red and black tablets, of light. His life depends on it. Will he survive?

Logic test #16

Onward to Logic Test #16! Here is the logic test of the day, number 16, which will address today the theme of clothes. And also that of probabilities. And I don't know why, probably...

Logic test #15

The famous logic test #15!

Logic test #14

The Logic Test 14, a story of Egyptian, log and distance. Come find out and submit your answer!

Logic test #13

A story of land, loss of money and therefore ruin. Discover the logic test 13 for your greatest pleasure.

Logic test #12

Logic Test #12. We talk about logic and painting time.

Logic test #11

And here is logic test #11, a little softer than the previous one!